Wprint is a filter for Mozilla (Firefox, Galeon, etc.), Htmldoc, and Netscape PostScript output that uses TrueType fonts to allow the printing of pages written in Unicode, Big5, KOI8, SJIS, the ISO-8859* charsets, and others.

May 11, 2005 wprint-2.05 Added support for newer htmldoc (>= 1.8.24), mozilla (>= 1.7.3) and firefox versions.
April 2, 2002 wprint-2.04 Added support for htmldoc newer versions (>= 1.8).
March 7, 2002 wprint-2.03 Fixed postscript parsing for Mozilla/Galeon.
December 17, 2001 wprint-2.02 Corrections to the configuration file.
October 28, 2001 wprint-2.01 Bugfix, failed to process long list of fonts.
October 26, 2001 wprint-2.00 Works with freetype2 and freetype (automatic build). Major code cleanup.
August 23, 2001 wprint-2.00-pre3 Fixes problem with Galeon output.
Corrected bugfix with japanese output from Netscape.
August 22, 2001 wprint-2.00-pre2 Works with Mozilla 0.9.3, bugfixes.
August 18, 2001 wprint-2.00-pre1 Added HtmlDoc support.
August 14, 2001 wprint-1.33 Added copyright info (test font).
July 23, 2001 wprint-1.32 Bugfixes, see the changelog.

What is wprint?

A filter for Netscape and Mozilla that allows to print pages in (at least) Unicode, Big5, SJIS and all the ISO-8859* charsets using true type fonts. Although it was developed and tried under Linux it will probably work in other Unix too.

If you ever tried to print a non latin1 page with Netscape you probably know what happens. Netscape uses eight predefined postscripts fonts that should be available in all printers and what you get is a page printed using the iso8859-1 fonts (or whatever font the printer has).

If you try to print something that was written using Unicode, for example, you will get two letters instead of one and chances are you will not be able to make a single word out of it.

This program filters the postscript output generated by Netscape creating new fonts from TTF files on the fly. You will not be able to read the text in the generated postscript text, but it will print nicely :).